Monday, May 17, 2010

Road to the Finish Line

So, as I mentioned before, I am OCD. Things have to be a certain way for me otherwise I get stressed out and even physically get sick. I can't "half-ass" anything because even the thought of it makes me lose sleep at night.

That being said, the caliber of work that I produce has to be always above and beyond what is expected. Needless to say, Windows Movie Maker didn't quite "cut" it for me. I went and got Adobe Premier Pro to work on the CLAM projects.

Warning to technology challenged people like me, Adobe Premier was like alien language to me... I had a friend from Turkey who sat with me on the computer for hours trying to teach me how to use it. God bless Skype :) Okay, I think slowly but surely I'm also becoming a tech geek.

The biggest challenge wasn't the video editing program though. Once I got rolling, I seemed to pick it up quickly. My biggest problem was arranging the videos. For that, storyboards helped a lot.

I don't know how many of you physically made storyboards, but if you haven't I highly suggest you do it if you ever end up doing a project like this again.

Before I even started gathering everything for the projects, I went out and bought three big bulletin board type of foam posters. My initial intention was to put materials that I would need for each video such as the pictures that I would use.

But in the end it turned out to be more than just storyboards. I put down ideas, notes, businesscards, phone numbers that I needed, scripts for my narration, video permission slips, etc. Basically, these storyboards were with me every step of the video editing process.

My friend would peek at my boards every day to see what I had changed :) She was livid when I said I would throw them out after I was done with the project because I would have no use for them. Actually, she is the one who suggested that I should give them to my professor after the project was over so he could use them as examples for his future classes.

So, I decided to also post them here. Easier access you know??

I hope this helps the future CLAMMERS!


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